Saturday, May 30, 2009

An homage to a perfect cup of prose

Back in the digital dark ages, before everyone posted their diaries, shopping lists, and trips to Kogi up for their friends and acquaintances, there was a cool little site called Fray. And that's the version I mean too; if you go to now, it's similar but not quite as open. Good for them, but at least the old version is still there.

The Fray concept was, well, basically a multi-user blog. But regulated for quality. True stories by people who can tell them. In other words, it was totally awesome. Definitely take a look.

A few of my favorites there are Letterman on Acid and Lost. But my favorite - no surprise - for the lines here alone was a little ditty called Perfect Cup of Coffee by Alexis Massie:

Coffee is an elixir, the one drug that is both utterly legal and
utterly acceptable. I've been drinking a pot or two of this stuff
for twelve years. Coffee is a lifestyle that is so omnipresent that
we don't even notice it. People that don't drink coffee are weird.

It's true. People that don't drink coffee are weird. Like people who never get tired, or sarcastic, or sad. They cannot be trusted. Because no one is without weakness. Some people just fake it better than others.

And because somewhere between your weaknesses and your passions is why you do the thing you do. People who cover that up constantly are either lying to you, lying to themselves, or both. Sounds dangerous either way.

Better to drink another imperfect cup.

Take a look at Fray some time while you do. New or old, I think it's great stuff.


  1. Can I be trusted if I drink tea instead of coffee? It's still caffeine!

  2. By the way, thanks for coming by and defending my husband. I think he's feeling a little beleaguered since I happened to get on Blogs of Note the day I was being silly about his mayo neglect. Poor dear.

  3. No doubt. There's little as humbling as overhearing my wife tell a funny anecdote and suddenly I realize... oh well. I figure as long as her stories are about me that's probably a good sign.

    I'm sure your husband can dig that too.